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A/V The Audio / Video Edition <br /><br />
3 in the archive with CD &amp; introductory booklet &amp; supporting CD  <br /><br />
3 in the archive with just CD
What’s in the box?

The AV edition contains a number of guides, tutorials and FOSS tools that will enable you to capture, edit and stream audio and video
podcast and distribute your work online
create DVDs and VCDs
utilise these…

OPEN - The Open Publishing Edition <br /><br />
3 in the archive with CD &amp; introductory booklet &amp; supporting CD<br /><br />
3 in the archive with just CD
The Open Publishing Edition is a selection of software tools and guides for on and offline publishing, open content licensing and participatory media making. The edition aims to assist organisations and individuals to harness publishing tools in…

BASE - The Basebox edition
Everyday tools for NGOs

The edition can be accessed online but its primary form is as a physical box set of CDs, providing immediate access to all the software tools without the need to download them. The physical box will become available by…

Supporting Cds for the Audio / Video edition

CD NGO IN-A-BOX<br /><br />
Security Edition &amp; Version 4
Security Edition in white
Version 4 in black

Small cards in English<br /><br />
for Security-NGO-in a box
0 Security in-a-box is now on github
keep your private bits private
1. Do you really accept those terms and conditions?
2. Is that your password on a post-it?
3. How do you know we cant read your private emails?
4. Leaving a net-cafre and your…

Small cards in French<br /><br />
for Security-NGO-in a box

Avez-vous tape votre nom dans Google recemment?

Pas de mot, de passe pour proteger votre telephoner portable?

Vous etes sur Facebook?

Entre Gmail et Yahoo, lequel est le plus sur?

Que preferez-vous oublier dans un taxi: votre…
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