DP - Data and Politics


DP - Data and Politics

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Efficiency and Madness
'This essay is a kind of call to action to experts from different disciplines, and to techies and non-techies alike, to find different ways of thinking about data-driven technologies and how they change the way we live. It is a call to approach them…

Commissioned and published by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and written by Tactical Tech co-founders Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski, this essay explores the concept of 'technofixes' - using digital technologies and data to solve the world’s…

Set of 3 hard cover folders of the Info Activism Camp 2013
3 physical copies in the archive: pink, yellow and grey

Practices: How data is used to influence you politically

Exploring more than ten primary methods related to the use of political data and digital influence in campaigns, we examine how they work and look at examples of how they are being applied…

Young people grow up in an environment that is increasingly driven by and dependent upon digital technologies. Their social, learning and play spaces are being encroached upon by ubiquitous technologies so that the divide between public and private,…
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