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Who We Are

Tactical Tech is a diverse team of people spread out over 6 countries. We are guided by our Advisory Board Members and supported by a variety of funders, which are mainly private foundations. See details below.

Stephanie Hankey - Co-founder and Executive Director
Stephanie has been working to strengthen the use of technology by civil society in the global South for the last decade, initially working with the Open Society Institute establishing their Technology Support for Civil Society Program and for the past six years with Tactical Tech. Stephanie has a background in information design, worked as a creative director and producer for a number of London-based multimedia companies, and was editor-in-chief of Pulp, a bi-weekly youth magazine. She has a Masters in Information/Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art (London) and a certificate in campaigning and lobbying.

Marek Tuszynski - Co-founder and Director of Programmes and Technology
Marek was previously engaged with the arts and independent culture - writing, curating exhibitions and organising festivals, mostly in the 'post-soviet' territories. In the mid-nineties he co-founded the International Network of Contemporary Art Centres and worked with others to create a television programme about independent culture in Poland.

In parallel Marek was director of the Stefan Batory Foundation’s Internet programme (Warsaw). He sat on the board of Klon/Jawor (a research and infrastructure NGO)and The Second Hand Bank (a distributor of refurbished electronic equipment).Marek worked as a consultant to many funding agencies focusing on information and communication strategies for civil society in Central Asia.


Ali – Programme Lead; Securing Advocacy
Ali hails from Iran via Sweden and the United States. He holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and Manufacturing Systems and Robotics, while his work has primarily been information systems design, ICT strategy development, and adult-learning methodology. His post-studies work experience includes 4 object-oriented software years in the corporate consulting world, 5 early web-application years in the European telecom industry, and the past 10 years in the NGO world as IT-Director of a midsize US-based organisation; Centre for Victims of Torture, Technology Strategist for Digitally inclined smaller NGOs, and ICT educator/trainer for individuals involved in rights advocacy.

In his endangered free time, Ali writes stories, plays, and haiku, all in aid of fomenting public conversations in small groups, in hopes to offset mass produced cultural stereotypes of his native and adopted countries.

Gillo Cutrupi – Project coordinator; Securing Advocacy
Gillo has collaborated with activist and environmental groups in developing offline and online communities for over ten years. Gillo has coached a number of NGOs, researching and developing innovative tactics and tools for community building and he has worked with Tactical Tech on a number of projects since 2007. The majority of his work was done for Greenpeace International where he was one of the founders of the first Web team in the organisation and,consequently, its main internet strategist. He sat on the board of Greenpeace Italy and was featured in various Italian and International publications.

Bobby Soriano - Project Lead; digital security and technical support
Bobby has fifteen solid years of systems and network administration experience, developing NGO-tools and implementing projects, He has also spent five years as an information and communications technology trainer. He is currently working on the further development of the NGO-In-A-Box and other toolkits. His particular specialities are in security issues and the use of mobile technologies for advocacy. His recent work for Tactical Tech includes digital security and privacy workshops, for Highway Africa, the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Trust and the Civil Initiative on Internet policy in Kyrgyzstan. He helped establish the pioneering Overseas Filipino Workers SMS Distress System (OFW-SOS).

Tom Longley - Programme Lead; Visualising Information for Advocacy
Tom has a bachelor of Law degree from the University of Bristol and has been working for human rights organisations for over ten years. His career focus is on the monitoring, documentation and analysis of large scale human rights violations, and the effective use of technology to aid this. He has worked on the investigation of war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law in Kosovo and in Sierra Leone. Before joining Tactical Tech, Tom was project manager at Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems(HURIDOCS)where he was responsible for field work, advising human rights groups with a particular focus on Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Bangladesh. He also managed the development of OpenEvsys, an open source web application used to document human rights violations. He has worked for the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, consulted for the University of Nottingham's Human Rights Law Centre and the Open Society Institute Information Programme.

Maya Indira Ganesh - Project Coordinator.
Maya works on a new project that explores how sex worker communities in India and Cambodia can use digital media technologies to document violations they face. Maya began her career inwomen's rights, violence prevention, sexuality and women's reproductive health. She has also worked with UNICEF developing training and learning materials on gender, adolescent health and HIV/AIDS prevention. Maya has taken the 'media turn' over the past four years and has married her experience working on gender and sexuality with research and writing on old and new media. She has a Masters degree in Psychology from Delhi University, India, and a Masters degree in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. She lives just outside Bombay, India.

Dirk Slater - Project Lead
Dirk Slater has worked with Tactical Tech since 2005. He has worked on nearly a dozen projects focusing on increasing the ability of advocates and activists in marginalised communities to use digital technologies, including advocates working on human rights in Russia, HIV/AIDS advocates in Central Asia, sex worker advocates in the Asia-Pacific and pro-democracy activists in South East Asia. Dirk has also contributed to several of Tactical Tech's toolkits and guides,including the “Quick n Easy Guide to Online Advocacy”. Prior to this he was Senior Circuit Rider for the Low-Income Networking and Communications(LINC) Project, helping build the capacity of advocacy and activist groups across the United States.

Tanya Notley - Programme Lead; Info-Activism
Tanya provides research and project management support to a number of Tactical Tech projects. She has more than 10 years experience working with research institutes, international development agencies and community-based organisations in Australia, the UK, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Tanya has produced training manuals and book chapters on radio production, digital storytelling, media for social change and participatory research methods and has delivered many workshops in these areas.

In 2008 Tanya completed her PhD with the Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation (ici) at Queensland University of Technology. Her PhD thesis examines the different ways young people in Australia are using online networks to participate in society.

Gabi Sibley – Intern; 10 Tactics
Gabi has recently joined Tactical Tech and is involved in the promotion and documentation of the 10 Tactics project alongside doing specific items of research and report writing. Before joining Tactical Tech Gabi completed her MA in Human Rights at University College London and wrote her dissertation on the intent behind genocidaires through using perpetrator testimonies. Previously she has worked at The Young Foundation as a researcher looking at levels of deprivation in small council estates, as a researcher at the UCL Institute for Human Rights and also compiled a database for the British Academy Project of over 850 terrorist organisations.

Becky Faith – Development Officer
Becky has been working in campaigning and media advocacy environments for 20 years, working on issues including women's rights in Africa and grassroots anti-racist activism in East London. She worked on the Message in-a-box and Mobiles in-a-box toolkits, and has helped develop human rights training materials for the United Nations. Becky is on the board of the Sussex Community Internet Project and was also on the selection committee for the Young Foundation's first Social Innovation Camp. She is currently working on an ethnographic study of mobile phone use for a M Sc. in Technology Strategy Research. Tactical Tech, for her, is her ‘tribe of political techies who don’t just talk tech’.

OUTREACH: Technology, Production and Communications

Allan Stanley - Head of Production
Allan is information designer and production guru. He was also a long-standing member of the Bangalore-based technology NGO, Mahiti. At Mahiti, he headed up the design function, specialising in information architecture and the usability of web-based and multimedia applications. Over the last 10 years he has managed numerous technology projects for NGOs, and conceptualised projects such as a series of digital pedagogic games and tools to teach soft skills and literacy to young adults in rural India.

Allan was an organiser for AsiaSource and AfricaSource 2 and led the local production team for the World Information City exhibition (India).

Kaustubh Srikanth - Senior Technologist
Kaustubh is an Information Architect based in New Delhi, India. An active open-source software practitioner, he has over 10 years experience working with community-driven web content management and social platforms. He has a special interest in low cost, sustainable, open radio networks and founded Infinity Radio (later known as RadioVeRVe), India's first internet radio station promoting Indian independent music. At Tactical Tech, he geeks out on Drupal, his favorite open-source web development framework and is responsible for managing and maintaining TTC's online infrastructure.

David Timothy - Production Coordinator
has worked for over 10 years with various NGOs in India, worked in the area of conflict resolution and has always been involved with the print media in every organisation he has worked with. He was part of the marketing, design and production team of the largest Children's book publishing house in India, that worked at reaching the printed media to the remotest parts of the country and inculcate in the Indian Children the habit and love of reading, before he came on to be part of TTC.

David currently works with the production team of Tactical Tech in Bangalore.

Lynne Stuart – Visual Communications
Lynne is a graphic designer and illustrator working on print, web and animation for TTC projects. She has considerable experience in design and editorial consultancy for various concerns ranging from international publishers to small poetry collectives. She has a masters in digital moving image from the London Metropolitan University and a collection of protégés from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology who know her better as their photography lecturer.

Faith Bosworth - Communications Coordinator
Faith started working for Tactical Tech as a promotions intern in the Brighton office. She has since moved to Cape Town, South Africa where she coordinates communications and publicity, assists on projects and generally tries to make words work for Tactical Tech. She has a masters in Gender Studies from Sussex University, BA Hons in English. She always knew she'd work for a rights organisation but expected it would have anything to do with technology. She really appreciates the dynamism of Tactical Tech and is constantly fascinated by the innovation and determination of the rights advocates Tactical Tech works.


Lucinda Linehan - Operations and Production Manager
Prior to joining Tactical Tech, Lucinda built a freelance career producing large scale events together with co-managing an international dance company. While at Tactical Tech, she has managed the production of the Tactical Tech 2008 Annual Report and The Child Health Now! report on child mortality for Word Vision. She says she especially likes working for this creative and stimulating organisation as ''I am inspired the imagination and resourcefulness of activists and for the first time, I am proud to talk about my work."

Jan Griffiths - Financial Manager
Jan's role is to keep the financial wheels of the organisation well-oiled. She brings a wealth of experience in finance and administration, having co-founded and managed a number of small, successful businesses in the corporate sector. She has a BA (Hons) in Business Administration and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Introduced to the world of activism through her two grown-up children, she is glad to be able to put her years of experience to good use in an altruistic environment. She takes great pride in “contributing to the good work that Tactical Tech is getting a reputation for.”

Poornima Ramakrishna - Operations Manager, Bangalore
Poornima is an operations expert with over 10 years of experience in finance, administration, logistics, HR, project management, legal and company affairs within non-profit organisations. She was, for almost a decade, a valuable member of the core Mahiti team. She is now setting up and will be managing the e-commerce section of the Tactical Tech website.

She has a Masters in Sociology and is presently working towards an MBA and a certification as Company Secretary.


Tactical Tech is funded by a variety of private foundations. These include:

In the past, we have also received funding from Inwent (http://www.inwent.org), UNDP-IOSN (http://www.iosn.net/) and Omidyar (http://www.omidyar.net). Tactical Tech also raises money for its initiatives through sub-contracted grants from partnerships, most significantly working with Internews Europe (http://www.internews.fr).

We receive a limited amount of private donations and fees for products and services.