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What people say about us

"They are leaders among organisations doing tech support work in the developing world. Their key strength is understanding developing world audiences, more than any other organisation based in the North." Ethan Zuckerman, Berkman Center, Harvard University, United States

"They have a good network of people that they work with, and they like to do things right. I like the attention to design ... good content packaged well. They’re very good at outsourcing, and they’re a flexible organisation. And I really like the fact that they’re distributed, and not just based in one country." Philipp Schmidt, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

“TTC really knows who, and how to connect to people. TTC brings much enlightenment to many of us in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world by making all the Source events. Our eyes are opened by TTC. I think TTC is different because of their competency, friendliness, and sincerity. I just feel what they have done is complete and whole.” Fajar Priyanto, India

“I think TTC's approach is quite ingenious. The ways of approaching the problems and bringing people from different countries together is great. Especially with SE Asia, the people were initially quite shy and didn't easily express themselves at the beginning, and you feel that the event will finish and they won't open up. But the event has a lot of elements that make people open up, talk and express themselves. Simon Xenitellis, on the Asia Source Camp

“Tactical Tech gives a new meaning to, and defines and pioneers the concept of social enterprises. A major strength is the organisation's ability to change course very quickly. To address the need as it arises just there. Tactical Tech really covers the logistical matters well – they think about everything.” Hilton Theunissen, South Africa

“It was great to work with a group of people who knew enough about technology and have a passion for advocacy.” Participant from a workshop for sex worker health and rights advocates in Malaysia, 2007

“I first became in touch with Tactical Tech in January 2007, when I attended Asia Source II. I was working for a women's rights organisation as a tech support person. I wanted to work more with women, but did not know how. Asia Source gave me a direction, and now I have started an organization called Feminist Approach to Technology.” Gayatri Buragohain, India

“I've never met an organisation like Tactical Tech before. The way they operate ... I find everything about them different.” Dwayne Bailey, South Africa

“I finished a small research project for Plan Finland to assess the potential of mobile phones for their community development work in Africa. I would like to say that I found your toolkit on mobile phones the most useful thing in terms of choosing what to use, for what and how. I almost felt there was not much for me to add, as you have skillfully combined the social and organisational considerations with the technical side, which is rare to see.” Hannah Beardon, Spain