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Tactical Tech's toolkits and guides are designed to meet the needs of not-for-profit groups, rights advocates, independent journalists and bloggers. Each toolkit is compiled by a team of international experts and is rigorously peer-reviewed by an editorial team – with the specific needs of not-for-profit organisations and rights advocates prioritised at all times. The following toolkits are available online, as downloadable files or they can be posted to rights advocates in a book/CD format.

messageGet creative
Create your own campaign blogs, websites, videos, podcasts, posters, newsletters and more with Message in-a-box.
Be inspired
Learn about info-activism and how to choose the right tactics for your campaigns with 10 tactics for turning information into action
Stay mobile
Design and implement a mobile advocacy strategy for your organisation with Mobiles in-a-box.
Protect yourself
Identify the digital security threats in your advocacy work and learn to keep your organisation's data and communications private with Security in-a-box.

Get online
Get introduced to a variety of popular online services for use in advocacy work with the Quick 'n' Easy Guide to Online Advocacy.
Visualise it
Use visual communication to strengthen your campaigns and projects with this guide, Visualising Information for Advocacy.
Map it
Explore mapping techniques that can be used for campaigning with Maps for Advocacy.

Tactical Tech are happy to send copies of any or all of these toolkits and guides free to rights advocates working in marginalised communities. They can also be purchased at cost price. Please contact us if you are interested in translating these resources into other languages. For general enquiries email: toolkits{at}tacticaltech{dot}org

What people say about our resources:

Message in-a-box
"We have used Message-in-a-Box as a resource for our citizen journalism work, and in amplifying women's voices. Combing tools and the tactics to use them, is a great way to put technology in context. Tools are only effective if they are matched with effective planning, good strategies and when they are matched with skills and resources – Message-in-a-Box delivers information on doing all this.”
- Sally-Jean Shackleton,Executive Director, WomensNet, South Africa.

Mobiles in-a-box
"Mobiles in-a-box is what every non techie involved in campaigns and advocacy NEEDS. It has enhanced our work on mobiles for transformation in terms of the opportunities it affords us of skipping the services of techies and it has helped us operate efficiently. We are now commencing a project on human rights mobile hub that will utilize some of the techniques stated in the toolkit."
- Christiana Charles-Iyoha, Centre for Policy Development, Nigeria

Security in-a-box
"I have used Security in-a-box it to train my colleagues in internet security and also to protect myself from monitoring when I am deploying online direct actions. I plan to use this for more such trainings in the future."
- Dharmesh Shah, Community Environmental Monitoring, India

10 tactics for turning information into action
"Activists and campaigners are increasingly turning to digital technology and social media platforms to get their messages across...10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action provides a handbook in how best to disseminate their ideas.” - Digital Planet, BBC, UK

Visualising Information for Advocacy
“I was able to download your booklet on Information Design and find it very useful. Thank you for publishing this and making it available for free. I appreciate the efforts that you do and have been trying to apply the principles in our practice here in my organisation. As a women's information organisation, we produce a lot of printed materials that deal frequently with data, so presenting in a visual format is really necessary for us. Please produce more good information guides like these. More power to you”.- Aileen Familara, Isis International, Philippines