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Workshops and Trainings

Tactical Tech can provide workshops and trainings at appropriate gatherings and meetings. Our trainings use interactive, peer-based learning techniques to help advocates realise the impact of digital technologies on their campaigns. Here are some example of workshops we've given in the past:

Improving coordination and communication of regional and global campaigns

There are plenty of tools available to help advocates who have formed networks and coalitions to communicate and coordinate with each other. However, understanding the potential of these tools, along with how they will impact your organisation, can be a mystery. This workshop offers case studies and examples of how various coalitions and networks currently use ICT tools to support their work. A framework on how to judge the impact of digital tools, both negative and positive, on your organisation is also provided. The tools covered in this workshop are either free or of low-cost.

“I like the Tactical Tech workshops mainly because it gives me a sense that my passion for activism through IT is shared by others."
Petra Timmermans,

Outcome: Participants will have a better understanding of how internet based tools, such as blogs, wikis and instant messaging, can improve communication and coordination amongst regionally dispersed campaign stakeholders.

Format: Presentation and Discussion

Online Advocacy Campaign Tactics

Description: To increase the transparency and accountability of large forces in society, such as governments, corporations and public institutions, people need access to accurate, easily understood information on issues that affect their lives. The rise of Web 2.0 technologies and the increasing popularity of user-level tools and services have been important for marginalised communities because they create greater opportunities for self-publishing and dynamic information sharing. They are important for rights advocates as they begin to open up new channels for outreach and techniques for campaigning. This workshop explores innovative tactics used online to promote and win advocacy campaigns.

Outcome: Participants will have a better understanding of ways to incorporate online advocacy tactics into their campaigns.

Format: Presentation, large group discussion and small group breakouts