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Tactical Tech brings its strategic and practical expertise in digital advocacy to specific groups of rights advocates and marginalised communities through its hands-on projects.

We provide consultancy, mentoring and training to specific international movements, networks and groups of organisations working on common issues. In addition, each year we develop a few long-term partnerships, working intensively with specific issue areas to help them plan and implement digital advocacy initiatives.

Our projects work with marginalized communities to strategically harness the power of new technologies, such as the internet and mobile phones, and use them to strengthen their collaboration, their information handling techniques and the impact of their advocacy.

Past and current projects have:

  • Developed the technology skills of sex worker rights advocates, enabling them to better coordinate globally and locally with their constituencies
  • Advised HIV/AIDS budgetary monitoring and access to treatment groups in Asia and Africa on e-advocacy
  • Provided consultancy on global communications and coordination to a large coalition of advocates working on anti-corruption and resource extraction issues
  • Strengthened the information and communications skills of advocates working under repressive regimes
  • Enhanced the information handling skills of human rights advocates in Russia
  • Provided training to a global network of advocates working on toxic waste issues
“....straight after (the) Tactical Tech workshop we set up new gmail accounts for 7 member groups and taught them to use google documents. Our group in Burma is using the security info and we all communicate using gmail secure now. We have started work on the global map which will become the front page of a new APNSW website in the close future.”
Chutchai Kongmont,
Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers

Our projects target experienced rights advocates in the global South working with marginalised communities who have a level of 'readiness' to use digital advocacy within their work. Drawing on our wide network of experts and range of toolkits and guides, we tailor consultancy and training to meet the needs of each movement we work with.

Tactical Tech can:

  • Carry out a digital advocacy audit and needs assessment of your network or issue area
  • Work with NGO leadership to raise awareness and integration of digital technologies at a strategic planning level
  • Provide introductory level or advanced training and mentoring to advocates working in the same issue area
  • Consult to regional or global networks on techniques for strengthening collaboration and delivering integrated campaigns
  • Collaborate with specific issue areas on planning and implementing longer-term digital advocacy projects

If you are working on rights issues in the global South and would like to talk to us about collaboration on any of the above, please contact us at ttc AT tacticaltech DOT org

For more information about our projects, see: