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Tactic 5: exploring the lighter side of rights advocacy

How can rights advocates address serious issues but still make people laugh? This is explored in the fifth installment of 10 tactics for turning information into action, available on the 10 tactics website now. This video, which tells the story of advocates who have used humour as a tactic in Egypt, Belarus and across Asia, is always greeted with much laughter from the audiences at our various 10 tactics screenings. A highlight is the story of artists in Egypt who criticised president, Mubarak by superimposing his face on images of famous villains and idiots from films like 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Wayne's World'.

Sami Gharbia, from Global Voices  says, “Humour is the first step to break taboos and to fears. Making people laugh about dangerous stuff like dictatorship, repression, censorship is a first weapon against those fears…without beating fear you can not make any change. So humour is very effective.”

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