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Tactical Tech remembers Alecks Pabico



Tactical Tech are very sorry to hear about the death of online journalist and human rights advocate, Alecks Pabico. We first met Alecks as a participant at Asia Source I in India in January 2005. When I visited the Philippines later in 2005, I spent some time with Alecks as he showed me around PCIJ, told me how he had been able to use what he learned at Asia Source to create a blog for the 'Hello Garci' scandal, and we bonded over our mutual position as minority vegetarians in Manila. Later we worked with Alecks as a trainer at a workshop in Thailand in late 2007. Alecks was focused on the power of investigative journalism and was able to bring this together with the use of technology. Our thoughts are with his family and his two children that I know he was extremely proud of.

Posted by Stephanie Hankey 

Image: Alecks training at the workshop in Thailand, 2007.

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