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Tactical Tech at the International School on Digital Transformation

Tanya Notley from Tactical Tech presented 'Visualising Information for Social Change' at the International School on Digital Transformation, held July 19-24 2009, at the University of Porto in Porto, Portugal.

The International School on Digital Transformation is an intensive six-day residential program, bringing together emerging and established scholars and professionals from around the world. During the week-long session, innovators in digital communications will serve as teachers and mentors, presenting their current projects and research and participating in discussions with advanced students and professionals beginning careers in the field.

The School will focus on these themes:

* Democratic transformations of society through digital media * Innovations in transparency and political participation using new online tools * Grassroots civic activities using digital technologies * Building effective communities with the Internet * Reaching out to new users with mobile and online technologies * Prospects for digital communication in developing regions * Digital arts and culture in a globalized, online world

The International School on Digital Transformation is a program of the University of Texas Austin-Portugal Colaboratory, or CoLab.

See: http://digitaltransformationschool.org/2009/