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Tactical Tech co-organised the Climate Advocacy Institute in Turkey - 28th June to 18th July

The Climate Advocacy Institute provides training for young campaigners in tools that help them to promote discussion of issues that are important to them and their communities, and to advocate for positive change. Together with 350.org and other partners Tactical Tech co-organised this year Institute, we also were leading the Journalism & New Media for Advocacy track along with faculty and teaching assistants from the Creative Arts and Technology program of Bloomfield College, USA.

The track will focus on how to frame your message and tell your story effectively using both digital and non-digital advocacy tools and tactics.

Participants will be encouraged to explore various writing and storytelling skills as well as use online tools, still photography, video, camera, audio and mobile phones in organising, mobilising and raising awareness. Participants will also learn how to visualise information and how to asses their security and privacy vulnerabilities.

For more details, please see http://workserver.idebate.org/advocacyinstitute/