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Localisation Events

Localisation Sprint

Aspiration Tech and Tactical Technology Collective hosted a Localisation Sprint in Warsaw, Poland from the 20th to the 22nd of November, 2004. The event brought together a diverse group of leaders and innovators in software and documentation localisation for nonprofits and civil society to share experiences, compare projects and practices, and document the same. We invited interested individuals and organizations to join us for this unique and valuable gathering.

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Localisation in Africa

Tactical Technology Collective organized in Marrakech a Localisation Workshop for The International Development Research Centre (IDRC). This workshop was designed to bring together leading researchers and practitioners from across Africa (and a few countries outside the continent) to develop a joint research agenda to build a Pan-African Localisation Network. Participants were invited to contribute ideas and recommendations, present original research and projects, and discuss working together on a joint research and development programme.

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Negar - The Transcription Tool

Tactical Tech facilitated the development of a tool that will allow automatic conversion from Tajik to Farsi and vice versa.

The tool was discussed and planned during a meeting; "Travelling Between Languages, Iranian Persian to Tajik Persian" held in November 2006, in Istanbul. The meeting brought together linguists, programmers and technology designers from Tajikistan, Iran and Azerbaijan.

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