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About Us

Tactical Tech is an international NGO working at the point where advocacy meets technology. We use our technical expertise to increase the impact of campaigns in social justice and human rights.

Tactical Tech believes that new technologies have significant potential to enhance the work of campaigners and advocates, giving them the tools to gather and analyse information and the means to turn that information into action.

To help make this possible, Tactical Tech has, over the past four years, trained nearly 1,000 advocates and technologists in developing and transition countries in the use of technology for social change, provided consultancy and mentoring to over ten NGO movements and networks and created a suite of toolkits and guides specifically for use by advocates.

Tactical Tech and its staff have an in-depth working knowledge of advocacy organisations and technologists working across a range of sectors and geographies. It has advised a wide range of organisations and movements, in the process developing a strong reputation for demystifying technologies and helping advocates and campaigners get the most from modern resources.

Tactical Tech was established in 2003 by a collective of professionals with extensive experience working with NGOs and new technologies. Together, they have developed the unique concept of bringing advocates and technologists together and working in many regions around the world to share expertise.