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Got a question?

Tactical Tech is putting together a guide on the basics of using digital tools in an activist/advocacy context. We'd like to know what questions you have in your day to day use of computers, the internet and your mobile phone, such as:

  • How private is my IM chat?
  • Why should I care if the software I use is pirated?
  • How do I know if my computer is infected with a virus?
  • How do I get pictures off my mobile phone and on to the internet?
  • Is it safe to use internet cafes? 
  • How do I keep my computer healthy when working on the move?
  • Why does my computer slow down sometimes?
  • What happens when I send email?
  • Why doesn't that printer work? 

We're not putting together a comprehensive manual, rather a practical guide that you can dip into to as you need. The questions should be basic and address challenges you face in using digital tools in your advocacy/activist work.

Also, we would be interested in knowing what resources you find helpful in tackling basic challenges when using tools. So, tell us where you look for to get answers. What guides, books, websites or communities help you the best?

If we use your question, we will give you credit and an advance copy of the guide. Plus you will get your question answered!

You can post your questions below in the comments section or email them to dirk(at)tacticaltech.org