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Mobiles in-a-box wins Manthan award in India

Tactical Tech has received the prestigious Manthan award for Mobiles in-a-box, a resource designed to help rights advocates use mobile telephony in their work. Allan Stanley, Head of Productions at Tactical Tech, attended the ceremony at the end of last year to receive the award.

According to the initiative's website, the Manthan awards, were launched in 2004 with the mission to: "To create an information rich society where everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, race, region, gender etc., is empowered to create, receive, share and utilize information and knowledge through digital content for their economic, social, cultural and political upliftment and development." They achieve this by recognising initiatives which use ICTs for development and empowerment.

Tactical Tech's Mobiles in-a-box toolkit won an award in the "E-news" category. This category recognises those projects which demonstrate the expansion of traditional media into new media and utilise technology as a medium to reach larger masses.

Watch the award video for Mobiles in-a-box: