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Mobiles in-a-box: Tools and Tactics for Mobile Advocacy

Our new toolkit, Mobiles in-a-box: Tools and Tactics for Mobile Advocacy - is a collection of tools, tactics, how-to guides and case studies designed to inspire advocacy organisations and present possibilities for the use of mobile telephony in their work. From choosing an audience, to privacy and security issues and also countering technological challenges, Mobiles in-a-box provides effective solutions to enable you get started with using mobiles in your advocacy efforts.

The tactics discussed in this toolkit revolve around the following scenarios which many advocates find themselves dealing with: outreach and participation, fundraising and resource mobilisation, people's media, and coordinating and mobilising.

The toolkit also explores the possibility of mixing mobile advocacy with other media like the internet where the aim is to broaden the scope for information gathering and dissemination. It provides useful tips to ensure privacy while also helping scale your mobile advocacy efforts to the resources your organisation has available. Through inspiring case studies from around the world, the toolkit shows how mobile telephony has made a difference to varied areas of activism - from election monitoring to tracking environmental destruction.

For more information about the toolkit see http://mobiles.tacticaltech.org/ To order a copy or discuss translation and training please write to mobiles AT tacticaltech DOT org

Mobiles in-a-box is now also available in French.

Mobiles in-a-box - Outils et tactiques pour le plaidoyer par téléphone mobile

Mobiles-in-a-box est un ensemble d’outils, de tactiques, de guides d’utilisation et d’études de cas visant à inspirer les organisations menant un travail de plaidoyer en leur présentant les possibilités d’utilisation de la technologie mobile au service de leurs actions. Du choix de vos publics cibles aux questions de confidentialité et de sécurité, en passant par la résolution des difficultés techniques, Mobiles in-a-box vous propose des solutions efficaces afin de vous initier à l’utilisation des téléphones mobiles dans vos actions de plaidoyer.