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Meet Ono

Ono is a new a member of Tactical Tech's “Securing Advocacy” team. He is a friend of information users on a mission to explain how digital technology and communication might be putting them in danger. He is a robot created to spy on information users who is now using his abilities to help them instead. ONO is part of "Survival in the Digital Age", an animation series we've produced to raise awareness about the risks of using new technologies, and change the behaviour of information users. Ono's first job was at Highway Africa in Grahamstown, South Africa last week. That's all we can tell you right now. Obviously he is, by nature of his line of work, a very private individual. He likes to keep a low profile but soon, very soon, he'll be on a screen near you! For now, you should be following him on Twitter @ONOrobot. He has plenty to say and will give you the advice you need to stay safe and secure in the digital age.