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Summary of the Free and Open Source Solutions Meeting

aka. Projects Mapping Session Porto Alegre, Brazil - 3rd of June 2004


This gathering sought to map out existing initiatives that use and build tools (software), materials, and training projects related to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC). We also sought to initiate a space for dialog about potential future activities for making open source a more viable technological option for civil society. We sought to assess the situation, diagnose needs, and develop a provisional plan for future action.

It is important to note, that our goal was not to create a complete map of all the FOSS activity in civil society in LAC projects. Instead we selected a number of LAC local projects to learn about the current situation of FOSS in civil society, needs, and develop possible future paths of action to foster the relationship between FOSS and civil society.


Danilo Lujambio– Argentina, Rosario – Nodo Tau

Beatriz Busanche– Argentina, Buenos Aires - Centro de Teletrabajo y Teleformacion, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Magaly Pazello – Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era - DAWN

Ian Lawrence – Brazil / UK, Manaus, Debian users community in Amazons

Felipe Fonseca – Brazil, São Paulo, MetaReciclagem

Lena Zúñiga – Costa Rica, San José, Bellanet International Secretariat, la oficina para America Latina y el Caribe

Pablo Zavala – Guatemala, working with Rigoberta Menchú foundation, and the Institute of Mayan Languages

Julio González – Guatemala, Linux User Group Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala - LUGUSAC

Pedro Mendizábal – Lima, Peru, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility Peru, CPSR-Peru

Micah Anderson – USA, The Red Cursor Collective, Indymedia, Debian NP

Moderating and organization:

Tomas Krag – Tactical Technology Collective (The Netherlands), Denmark

Robert Guerra – Privaterra, Canada

Wojtek Bogusz – Tactical Technology Collective (The Netherlands), Poland

Taking Notes:

Biella Coleman – USA, Anthropologist University of Chicago

Thanks to the Projeto Software Livre - RS (Brazil) for their help.