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Working with Human Rights Movements

Tactical Tech has various projects that aim to build the capacity of large-scale internationally coordinated Human Rights movements.

These large-scale Human Rights movements are made up of individuals and organisations working on common issues. They are often dependent upon their ability to collect information and disseminate it to each other and to the international community. The use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in this respect is vital, yet movements are often hampered by a lack of ICT expertise.

Our aim is to work with these movements over a longer period of time - often two to three years - providing a combination of consultancy, mentoring and training to increase their information handling and coordination skills.

The ultimate aim is to increase the impact of their advocacy on an individual and coordinated level. We strive to provide these Human Rights movements with the skills and resources they need to:

  • Collect and document information that will reinforce their campaigns
  • Share and secure information, allowing them to work collaboratively and increasing the safety of their communications and data
  • Use new technologies to enhance their campaigning and organising
“Tactical Tech: Helpful in that you have so much international experience, many organisations working on this issue don't have the international expertise. Such a large pool of experts in security, advocacy, design or whatever one cares to mention.” Local partner in Thailand

Through these projects Tactical Tech provides:

  • Strategic planning on ICT capacity building within the movement; including needs assessments and assistance in coordinated campaign planning

  • Training and consultancy to organisations working towards common goals

  • One-on-one mentoring to organisations on the use of ICTs to strengthen their campaigns

  • Support to self-taught tech-advocates on the crucial basics such as systems administration and digital security

As these Human Rights movements are operating in sensitive environments the information we publish about them is limited. If you would like to learn more, please write to ttc@tacticaltech.org