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Mobiles in-a-box toolkit updated

Tactical Tech's Mobiles in-a-box has been re-printed and the website updated with the latest software upgrades.

Mobiles in-a-box includes information, tactics and tools to help advocates use mobiles for engaging, mobilising, coordinating, fundraising and budgeting.

Tactical Tech's toolkits and guides are all developed using a participatory peer review methodology. Mobiles in-a-box was initially developed with more than 50 rights advocates and technologists. It has been tested thoroughly by six human rights organisations in Africa to ensure its relevance.

View the toolkit website or request hard copies for your rights advocacy work or to distribute at events training workshops: mobiles{at}tacticaltech.org

If you have used this toolkit, please tell us what you think.

Comments from toolkit users include:

"Mobiles in-a-box is what every non techie involved in campaigns and advocacy NEEDS. It has enhanced our work on mobiles for transformation in terms of the opportunities it affords us of skipping the services of techies and it has helped us operate efficiently. We are now commencing a project on human rights mobile hub that will utilise some of the techniques stated in the toolkit." Christiana Charles-Iyoha, Centre for Policy Develment (PolDeC), Nigeria

"I have shared this resource with our online community through our website - www.newtactics.org. We may be using some of these examples (from the book) for a strategic thinking workshop in Thailand in June." Kristin Antin, New Tactics in Human Rights, United States

"I work marginalized communities including sex worker, hijra, drug users, farmers and fisherman at rural level in Bangaldesh. I used this toolkit in workshops. Participants realize they can use mobiles in different ways and this is great and helpful for them. Thankyou." Raju Rahmen, TREE Foundation, Bangladesh

“I finished a small research project for Plan Finland to assess the potential of mobile phones for their community development work in Africa. I would like to say that I found your toolkit on mobile phones the most useful thing in terms of choosing what to use, for what and how. I almost felt there was not much for me to add, as you have skillfully combined the social and organisational considerations with the technical side, which is rare to see.” Hannah Beardon, Consultant, Spain