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Advocacy organisations often work on information-heavy campaigns which involve the collection and dissemination of complex information and data.

Our guides provide introductions to techniques that can help advocates become more effective in their campaigning work. Each guide provides accessible, clear examples and practical recommendations that enable advocates to apply these techniques directly to their campaigns.

Our current guides include:

Visualizing Information for Advocacy: An Introduction to Information Design. A guide to help NGOs and advocates strengthen their campaigns and projects through visual communication.

Maps for Advocacy: An Introduction to Geographical Mapping Techniques. An effective, practical guide to using maps in advocacy campaigns.

Quick ‘n’ Easy Guide to Online Advocacy: Aims to expose advocates to online services that are quick to use and easy to understand.

Guides Testimonials

“I was able to download your booklet on Information Design and find it very useful. Thank you for publishing this and making it available for free. I appreciate the efforts that you do and have been trying to apply the principles in our practice here in my organisation. As a women's information organisation, we produce a lot of printed materials that deal frequently with data, so presenting in a visual format is really necessary for us. Please produce more good information guides like these. More power to you”. - Aileen Familara , Isis International