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Tactical Tech launches first digital security flash event

Grahamstown, South Africa, 5th-7th July: Tactical Tech unveiled the digital security “Eye-Tent” and the new animation series, Survival in the Digital Age, at Highway Africa, a gathering of over 400 journalists, educators, and other media and journalism enthusiasts. This was Tactical Tech's first of a series of “flash events”, a new approach to raising awareness and distributing information and resources on digital security for advocates and journalists.

The idea behind the “flash event” is to create a flexible training space which grabs attention at large-scale public events for activists, bloggers and journalists and draws them in for brief training sessions based on their individual needs or points of interest. Tactical Tech created a flash event at Highway Africa, says Ali Ravi, the head of the “Securing Advocacy” programme “to shed some light on the subject of digital security as it affects journalists, activists and humans in general, without pummelling people with jargon, or scaring the wits out of them with doomsday stories.”

Ravi reports on the event: “We arrived early with tent poles and mallet in hand, stickers and t-shirts at the ready, our animated ally in the waiting, and information to share by the box-load. We set out to capture the attention of the busily networking Africans and Internationals. The prospect seemed daunting of competing with Corporate heavy-hitters with multi-coloured booths, plasma TVs and SIM-cards to dole out. Nonetheless, curious eyes soon found our slogans 'Where are your SMSs really stored?' and 'do you use Gmail or Yahoo mail, and which is more secure?'. Participants gradually filtered into Tactical Tech's tent, found a seat on the scatter-cushions and started a conversation, and in the process became a bit more aware of their gaps in knowledge on digital security, and how to rectify this (by watching the Survival in the digital age animations, or browsing the Security in-a-box toolkit website and talking to the Tactical Tech team)

At the same time, the tent created the space for the premier of Survival in the Digital Age and animated ally and friend to information users, ONO. Ravi reports that stickers and t-shirts bearing the ONO figure were in high demand.

Watch out for the trailer of Survival in the Digital Age – coming soon! And for now, follow ONO on Twitter at @ONOrobot.

If you'd like to know more about these flash events or would like to request one at your event, please get in touch at ttc@tacticaltech.org.