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Since 2003, Tactical Tech have pioneered a new way of learning and teaching that is empowering the non-profit community and forging powerful, lasting links between different groups. We have created a unique and proven methodology for training non-profits on the use of technology and developing the skill-base of the sector through our Source Events. In 2006, Tactical Tech launched a website outlining this methodology and providing templates for replicating and hosting these events.

Tactical Tech has conducted six Source Events and various Guru Gatherings as well as Localisation Events.

Inspired by our work on Info-Activism in 2008, Tactical Tech is launching a new series of events. The first Info-Activism Camp is due to be held in India in February 2009. This first-ever international camp on Info-Activism will feature 120 participants, picked through a competitive selection process, who will not only learn but also share skills and techniques to aid in the process of advocacy. The one-week programme will evolve from participants' proposals and will involve workshops, group discussions, interactive sessions and live demos.