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Security in-a-box: Tools and Tactics for Digital Security

This toolkit is a follow-up of the NGO in-a-box Security Edition.

As digital technologies become increasingly accessible and affordable to rights advocates, they also give rise to new threats and vulnerabilities. The concerns are numerous: preventing loss of and unauthorized access to sensitive data, protecting the identities of advocates and members of their communities, defending various channels of communication against surveillance, and the ever present struggle to maintain new found freedoms of expression online and within the mobile space.

The Security-in-a-box toolkit provides tools and tactics that address these needs. Alongside this, it provides a diverse network of trainers capable of addressing threats faced by human rights defenders, social and environmental right advocates and independent journalists.

The toolkit emphasizes fundamentals such as reliable backup, confidential email and instant messaging, anonymous web-surfing and censorship circumvention, data encryption and secure file deletion.

The 'How-to' booklet provides common sense explanations, a pragmatic approach toward security decisions, a range of tips and a focus on widely-recognised best practices. It is complemented by the 'Hands-on' guide, which walks users through the process of installing and configuring each piece of recommended software, with detailed and visually rich explanations that focus on relevant use cases.

Security in-a-box was created by Tactical Tech in partnership with Front Line. It was produced by a diverse team of experts who understand the digital risks involved in advocacy work and the limited resources available to address them.

Security in-a-box will soon also be released in Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic. The online and printed version of Security in-a-box is currently available in English. See: http://security.ngoinabox.org/

Please write to security AT ngoinabox DOT org if you would like to request a printed version of this toolkit, distribute or translate the toolkit, or talk to Tactical Tech about Security and Privacy training.