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Annual Reports


This is our second annual report and you'll notice a marked change in its overall format and design. We wanted the growing part of our work, which involves the compelling presentation of data, to reflect in our report. We also know that very few people actually read standard annual reports, so we thought it may be time to experiment. We have used illustrations and info-graphics to show what we have achieved in 2008. In one year, our work reached 64 countries through 23 projects, 26 workshops and the distribution of 5,400 of our toolkits and guides.

As well as showcasing what we have done, this report gives a feel of who we are and the significance of our work. It shows our three core project areas of focus in 2008 - participation, free-flow of information and accountability - and illustrates two stories that exemplify how our toolkits and guides are distributed and utilised by rights advocates around the world.

We hope you like it and we'd love to know if you think we got it right! Please send your feedback to: ttc@tacticaltech.org


Its been five years since Tactical Tech's inception, and we have dedicated these years to strengthening NGOs' technology use in developing and transition countries. In 2007 alone, we undertook 15 projects under our Skills Building and Movement Building program areas.

Read our first ever annual review where we reflect on our work in 2007, and our experience, achievements and challenges during the past five years. In this review, we’ve split our project work into three themes – Freedom, Finding a Voice and Making it Heard.

This is our first attempt at showcasing our work and we hope the journey through our review is as enjoyable to you as it was for us to formulate. Do share your thoughts with us at ttc@tacticaltech.org.